The Process

Interested in getting involved and want to know how it works? Here's the scoop:

You: Sign Up Here.

We: Drop off a 5 Gallon bucket (fits nicely under your sink!) with a lid and a compostable liner at your curb. 

You: Fill it up with ALL of your food scraps. We're talking lemon rinds, cherry stems, last week's meatloaf, eggshells, coffee grounds from this morning's brew, etc., and on your designated pick up day, bring your bucket back to the curb (5+ feet away from your trash and recycling). 

We: Pick up your goods, clean your bucket, and put a fresh liner in your bucket. Then, in partnership with MO Organics and local farms, we turn your food scraps into nutrient dense compost. 

You: Start from step one again with this week's leftovers. 

The Earth: "THANK YOU <3"